Royal Oak, Hanging Out With Aaron, Canada Day

I’m thor­ough­ly exhaust­ed. A fuch­sia cres­cent pierced the sky tonight, and filled the sky with crim­son clouds. Time for some orches­tral pop noir roman­tique.

I went to the Royal Oak on Friday with quite a few peo­ple. Drew told every­one a cho­da sto­ry, his cho­da sto­ry, in fact, which just hap­pened to be the most hilar­i­ous thing I’ve ever heard. I was quite glad that Aaron could­n’t make it, or he would have suf­fo­cat­ed from laugh­ter spasms. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that any sto­ries I’ll hear from this point on will, at best, be irk­some in com­par­i­son.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent hang­ing out with Aaron dur­ing his time off. Much table ten­nis was played. We watched Brotherhood of the Wolf, which was a decent movie, due main­ly to the sat­is­fy­ing action scenes. The slow motion effect was used much too pro­fuse­ly, but there were some drop-dead gor­geous actress­es through­out the two hour movie. We also watched Brain Candy with it’s rather ran­dom humour. I enjoyed watch­ing it, even though it was the third time around for me, but I’ve always been a big fan of The Kids in the Hall. I only wish that Trolley was with us so that he too could have bathed in the spas­mod­ic glo­ry of their humour.

Today was spent at Mooney’s Bay with Tom and Mel’s group of friends in cel­e­bra­tion of Canada Day. I had a chance to meet Aaron’s cousin, Ellie, who came from Edinborough, Scotland to vis­it. She had a nice, thick Scottish accent and tells me that there are quite a few Chinese peo­ple there with the same inflec­tion. I might be head­ing out to a club with her and Aaron next week­end. Mooney’s Bay was great­ly relax­ing, aside from Ivana putting me on the spot with her intrin­sic ques­tions. I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to catch up on some read­ing before throw­ing the Frisbee around.

And now, I need sleep.


  1. Hey Jeff,
    just let­ting you know Yvonne -> Ivana (There seemed to be way too much con­fu­sion over her name) …
    And I tend to spell my name with no H. Just a habit I picked up ;-)

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