Blue Linen Pants, and Super Troopers

I bought a pair of dark blue linen pants from America two weeks ago dur­ing one of Aaron’s shifts, and have been wear­ing them ever since. They have to be the most com­fort­able pair of any­thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve also been look­ing for a black col­lar, but noth­ing has real­ly been turn­ing up; stores usu­al­ly only sell cuffs of the spiked or non-spiked vari­ety.

My down­load of Super Troopers fin­ished yes­ter­day and I final­ly got a chance to watch it. I was expect­ing more humour, but the humour that was there was def­i­nite­ly of the gut bust­ing, side-split­ting vari­ety.

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