New Parts, New Mattress, New Restaurant, New Marks

I bought a sec­ond ATA133 60GB hard-dri­ve and installed it today. It feels good to get into my case and fool around with the cables and parts. I feel like I’m soup­ing up a car with NOX, where I should be say­ing stuff like, “My sec­ondary cable is too short, so I had to put both dri­ves on the pri­ma­ry, so my back­up dri­ve is run­ning as a slave now”. I bought it to keep as a back­up of all my data that I don’t want to con­stant­ly burn to back it up; stuff like my cur­rent mp3’s, my tem­po­rary mp3’s, my tv episodes, my web­pages, and my movies. I got some soft­ware called Second Copy which backs up all the infor­ma­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly. I’ve been get­ting freaked out from all the reports of hard-dri­ve fail­ures, and hard-dri­ve for­mat­ting web­code, so I thought I should find a solu­tion. After all, I would­n’t want to have to remem­ber every mp3 I down­loaded, and try down­load­ing them all again. Although nei­ther of my dri­ves are Fujitsu’s, there have been lots of reports on huge war­ran­ty reduc­tions of the major man­u­fac­tur­ers in the last few months. Better safe than sor­ry.

My mat­tress arrived today, and it feels amaz­ing. I was so used to a crap­py, old mat­tress, that I guess I for­got what good sup­port felt like.

I went to a restau­rant called La Gondola for lunch yes­ter­day, to see Melissa Kenny off for her new job, and the ser­vice sucked. The food was alright, but I could prob­a­bly have made most of the stuff at my home. The wait­ress rushed every­one to get their bills, and did­n’t ask a sin­gle time how the meal was going. I ordered a decanter of white wine with Natalie, and it tast­ed watery. I left a $1.00 tip.

I’m not sure if I’m going to look for a job for next term or not. I’m still a full-time stu­dent, if my final project is con­sid­ered as a full course. I’m not real­ly sure where I would work, but I know that I’d be okay with a shit job. I love mon­ey too much.

I final­ly got back a pass­ing mark in my algo­rithms course, which still means that I’m fail­ing on the whole, with only two weeks left. I’m pleased, I guess.

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