Switching To Humans, Mid-Term Results, And Residual Emotions

I think I’ll be switch­ing my race to Humans, which is quite a big deci­sion. I’ve nev­er been good with micro­man­age­ment, espe­cial­ly in Starcraft. It’s like some­thing I was­n’t raised with, so I can’t get bet­ter at it, the way you see old­er peo­ple hit a lim­it in their two word-per-minute typ­ing speed. In Starcraft I think I hit a lim­it where I just could­n’t get any bet­ter, which com­plete­ly sucked, because I was­n’t that good any­way. I think that by prac­tic­ing with Humans, I’ll be bet­ter at learn­ing how to micro­man­age. I’ve been sucked back in by Warcraft 3. It’s hard for me to imag­ine jug­gling a top 10 rank on the lad­der, and hav­ing a girl­friend at the same time.

Somehow I got 94.5% on a mid-term (even though the aver­age was about 90%). It makes up for oth­er mid-terms I sup­pose, since I believe that I failed two of them. I’ll be able to defer the marks, how­ev­er, for my Networking and Communications mid-term, to my final exam. That makes my assign­ments worth a pid­dly 15%, and my final a mon­strous 85% of my final mark. Yay, I guess.

Something made me sad the oth­er day, which has­n’t hap­pened in a while. I seem to usu­al­ly keep a very lev­el set of emo­tions nowa­days. It’s odd, because when I start­ed dat­ing Christie, things seemed to look bet­ter, and when we broke up, they seemed to still look bet­ter. I’m not real­ly sure why. It’s like Christie helped me expe­ri­ence things that were good, so now I have those thoughts in my head.

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