Getting Things In Order

I just fin­ished the bulk of my mid-terms, though prob­a­bly not unscathed. I hope that I can pass all of them, but I believe that I only passed one or two so far. I only have one left to go, but it should be much sim­pler, as I have the week-end to study for it. I believe that the prob­lem this time was the fact that the three hard­est mid-terms were bunched togeth­er in three con­sec­u­tive days. That, and the fact that I should pay atten­tion in class instead of try­ing to res­cue Baby Mario from Baby Bowser. Quite the excuse.

I get to go out for lunch tomor­row at a place called The Black Tomato, as a co-work­er is mov­ing to a dif­fer­ent divi­sion office in anoth­er city, and the work­ers here want to say good­bye. This means that I should be able to get an extra half-hour off work, and hope­ful­ly I can get drunk before con­tin­u­ing for the rest of the work day. I’ve only actu­al­ly been ine­bri­at­ed at work twice before, both times from a drink­ing lunch as well. I hope they have Strongbow or Double Diamond on tap.

Louise asked me today how I can walk with my pants so bag­gy. I told her that walk­ing was easy, because it feels like you’re not walk­ing with pants on at all, which, I imag­ine, is a good thing.

I felt unkempt for most of the week, until today, after I was final­ly able to get a hair­cut, wash my dish­es, clean my room, and just gen­er­al­ly get things in order.

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