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The Day Has Been Bright And Warm

I spent the week­end at Trolley’s place and had a great time. We just hung out, played Gamecube, and watched some movies. I’m not sure if I over­stayed my wel­come, but I’m sure that any good host is able to blur that fine line. It’s good to have anoth­er friend that I can con­nect with. Wheaties and Ian went ski­ing at Tremblant, and although I was invit­ed, I felt like I was­n’t pre­pared to spend over $100 on a lift tick­et with rentals.

Trolley also intro­duced me to Crank Yankers, a hilar­i­ous show on Comedy Central. The con­cept of the show is that peo­ple make crank calls, and both the roles of caller and reciev­er are played out using pup­pets. The crank calls are usu­al­ly very orig­i­nal though, some­times involv­ing a third par­ty (such as a moth­er pick­ing up the phone while her son is call­ing about a penis enlarg­er). Everything is very well done, and the actors are able to impro­vise their lines with per­fect pre­ci­sion depend­ing on what an unwit­ting par­tic­i­pant says. My favourite
series of crank calls are by Spoonie Love, the res­i­dent playa (played by SNL’s Tracey Morgan). Sometimes he’ll call a news­pa­per to place a clas­si­fied ad, and his mes­sage will involve bust­ing a dou­ble hor­i­zon­tal on some­one’s ass.

Thom lent me his Pantera DVD, 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell. The music has­n’t been that great, but the behind-the-scenes and con­cert footage is good. It’s also mes­mer­iz­ing to see the con­fi­dence that Phil Anselmo exudes at the con­certs, the way Danko Jones or Kid Rock seem to in their music videos.

I was awak­ened by Dolly scratch­ing at my sheets this morn­ing. As soon as I lift­ed them up, she went under­neath and tried to sleep on my stom­ach. Unfortunately, my thin frame did­n’t pro­vide much of a foun­da­tion, and she slid to one side, but even­tu­al­ly fell asleep there any­way. It’s the first time she has been com­fort­able enough to sleep under the sheets, instead of beside my head as usu­al.

I stum­bled across the site of an intel­li­gent girl who writes about things in rela­tion­ships not com­mon­ly dis­cussed, and who hap­pens to inhab­it the same city as I do. I enjoy the pol­ish and depth that her edi­to­ri­als have, but I think it’s her open­ness that I can appre­ci­ate most. It’s always fas­ci­nat­ing to find out a female opin­ion on some of the more taboo sex relat­ed sub­jects, instead of the opin­ion which oth­er guys believe they know.

The entire Columbia Space Shuttle inci­dent has made me feel like we’re still very prim­i­tive in our explo­ration meth­ods, and that we should sim­ply leave well enough alone until we’re ready. It’s like we’re try­ing to break the sound bar­ri­er again, and peo­ple are sac­ri­fic­ing their lives in the pur­suit of knowl­edge. I sup­pose that if they’re will­ing to make that sac­ri­fice, then their deci­sion must be respect­ed. Otto Lilienthal would be proud.

Emotional Rollercoaster, More Mid-Terms, Etc.

This week has been such an emo­tion­al roller coast­er. I can’t describe the odd moods I’ve been in, the twists and turns my mind has been going in. I feel lost.

I have three mid-terms tomor­row, one of which I feel con­fi­dent about. I tried des­per­ate­ly to study dur­ing the three days I had off, and only one of them (today) had any progress what­so­ev­er. I think it’s just my study envi­ron­ment, com­bined with my cur­rent emo­tion­al fluc­tu­a­tions. I tried to study in the SITE build­ing today, watched the sun go from east to west, and felt my mela­tonin lev­els drop. I feel burned out already. I def­i­nite­ly need this read­ing week.

Speaking of which, I most like­ly won’t be going home for the week. I’ll prob­a­bly try to hang out with Trolley or Thom. I don’t have time to change the dates on my train tick­ets, or even get a new ISIC. I’m not even sure if I’m elli­gi­ble, since I’m a part-time stu­dent when not con­sid­er­ing my hon­ours project as a course.

My progress through Moby Dick has been non-exis­tent late­ly.

I’ll have to catch the Married with Children reunion spe­cial on Sunday. I always found the show to be amus­ing when I was a kid, though I nev­er laughed out loud as I would if watch­ing a fun­ny show nowa­days, like Family Guy. I think I was just mys­ti­fied by the open­ness with which the sex­u­al­i­ty was dealt with, some­thing that I nev­er grew up around. I’m sure the spe­cial will remind me of the sum­mers I spent at home long ago, some­thing I’d rather remem­ber for my inno­cence than my igno­rance.

I’m down­load­ing Full Metal Jacket. I still can’t get over how bril­liant the entire film was, pos­si­bly the best dis­play of genius on film I’ve seen so far. I still haven’t decid­ed whether I should buy it though, since it’s not quite a movie I can relate to, which is gen­er­al­ly the cri­te­ria I use to build my col­lec­tion.