Lisa-time, me-time

Our reunion ended on a cliffhanger, where *Skins SPOILERS* Tony gets hit by a bus, Sid finds Cassie, and Angie breaks up with Chris. But fin­ish­ing a sea­son means we have the chance to start some­thing new (or resume another show), and we tend to alter­nate between com­edy and drama, sweet and savoury, while sur­rounded by kit­ties in the lit­tle nest we make for ourselves.

girl and cat

Cats warm their balls in your hair and make eye con­tact to show dominance.

I didn’t real­ize how hard it was to go a whole month with­out her until I saw her again. The time we’ve spent over the last few years has made me com­fort­able enough to let my guard down, and it’s good to be reminded that we’re capa­ble of such things every now and then, espe­cially when still deal­ing with trust issues and emo­tional trauma.

The things we share are often small and sim­ple, as they’re mostly about plea­sures and we’re eas­ily pleased. Actually, it’s more like she’s eas­ily pleased, while I’m pleased when oth­ers are happy. It’s a dynamic that works really well for both of us. I love myself when I’m with her cause she appre­ci­ates me in all the intri­cate ways I want to be appre­ci­ated, and that gives me a lot of the val­i­da­tion I need in my life right now.


  1. I’m not eas­ily pleased, you just make me happy. Well, maybe I’m a lit­tle easy.

    • Or maybe it’s both, that would explain how effort­less it all is.

  2. Hey, that cat has the eyes of a chipmunk :)

    • I agree. I call them almond eyes, cause they remind me of the eyes of cer­tain Asian people.

      • In defence of almond eyes: Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Jessica Biel, Emma Watson don’t have round eyes. The thing is round eyes look less focused and less purposeful.

  3. Your place looks as comfy as she looks.…

    • It’s her place in the pic­ture, actually.

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