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crotch grab

I’ve been having a lot of fun making these little animated gifs, each one a moment from a wedding I shot last season. Not all my footage makes it into the final cut of a film; occasionally, something has to be sacrificed for reasons of pacing or timing or…appropriateness, and it seemed like such a pity that these clips would end up on the cutting room floor.

The tricky part is not making a gif too long, otherwise it becomes a scene, and loses the repetition that makes us believe the moment goes on forever.

A testament to the ultra-glamourous Diorshow mascara, now in a waterproof version that holds its own when listening to brides’ speeches.

Haha Mel
HAHA MEL this will still be funny after the 15 billionth time.

An impressive rendition of Fred Astair’s iconic performance in You’ll Never Get Rich.

Nice bum, where ya from
Mary calls this game, “Nice Bum, Where Ya Froooooom”.

Stone cold sober, ladies and gentlemen.



  2. Love to see the less pensive you. Sound please. Better still, the full clip. You must have done something spectacular to have attracted everybody’s attention.

  3. Haha! Love the last GIF especially. Go Jeff!

  4. These are hilarious! Somehow, the Mel one keeps getting funnier. The crying one is so beautiful, too. Way to GIF! Last one is a clear winner.

    Oh my goooood can’t wait to see more wedding films.

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