clever people and grocers, they weigh everything

It’s been hard to write, though not from a lack of inspi­ra­tion. Far from it; it seems like there’s a smile or tear hid­den in every lit­tle detail of an Autumn day. The prob­lem is I don’t have the time. I don’t reflect on an emo­tion­al rush until I have a chance to write by a win­dow in the dark, and those oppor­tu­ni­ties are get­ting more and more rare.

That means I’m get­ting bet­ter at putting my feel­ings on hold, though no bet­ter at fig­ur­ing out whether that kind of dis­trac­tion is a good idea. I imag­ine it’ll all catch up to me at some point, and I’ll find out soon enough.

girl in doorway

It’s a sure sign that the Cipralex is out of my sys­tem. I’ve decid­ed that being able to feel is bet­ter than being numb, even if that means not know­ing which way things are going to go. Right now, I’m just appre­cia­tive of fru­gal forms of hap­pi­ness again, my lat­est dis­cov­ery being the feel­ing of a healthy lath­er rins­ing clean from your hair.

Maybe my time away did me some good. I lost a week, but I’m feel­ing recharged. I’ve been pro­duc­tive. I’ve been social. I’ve even been exer­cis­ing.

Now I’m ready to begin again.


  1. I like that you ital­i­cized exer­cis­ing.

    • It’s def­i­nite­ly the least like­ly to hap­pen out of the things I list­ed.

  2. JEFF JEFF!!! OMG you said noth­ing about this won­der­ful pho­to­graph. Waaah, this is per­fect. This makes my eye dance just about every­way, fore and aft, and dark and light, and the musi­cal way her legs sway.… This is GREAT!!! how come you did­n’t say?. Not a favorite of yours?

    On the You front, good to hear it.
    EXercising??? Wow. Good to hear health ensu­ing.

    • I redis­cov­ered this (old­er) pho­to recent­ly and won­dered how I missed it the first time. There is some­thing about it, isn’t there?

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