clever people and grocers, they weigh everything

It’s been hard to write, though not from a lack of inspiration. Far from it; it seems like there’s a smile or tear hidden in every little detail of an Autumn day. The problem is I don’t have the time. I don’t reflect on an emotional rush until I have a chance to write by a window in the dark, and those opportunities are getting more and more rare.

That means I’m getting better at putting my feelings on hold, though no better at figuring out whether that kind of distraction is a good idea. I imagine it’ll all catch up to me at some point, and I’ll find out soon enough.

girl in doorway

It’s a sure sign that the Cipralex is out of my system. I’ve decided that being able to feel is better than being numb, even if that means not knowing which way things are going to go. Right now, I’m just appreciative of frugal forms of happiness again, my latest discovery being the feeling of a healthy lather rinsing clean from your hair.

Maybe my time away did me some good. I lost a week, but I’m feeling recharged. I’ve been productive. I’ve been social. I’ve even been exercising.

Now I’m ready to begin again.


  1. I like that you italicized exercising.

    • It’s definitely the least likely to happen out of the things I listed.

  2. JEFF JEFF!!! OMG you said nothing about this wonderful photograph. Waaah, this is perfect. This makes my eye dance just about everyway, fore and aft, and dark and light, and the musical way her legs sway…. This is GREAT!!! how come you didn’t say?. Not a favorite of yours?

    On the You front, good to hear it.
    EXercising??? Wow. Good to hear health ensuing.

    • I rediscovered this (older) photo recently and wondered how I missed it the first time. There is something about it, isn’t there?

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