a reason

In those moments between our­selves and the rest of the world, it’s hard to think of any­thing but how good you look with curls in your hair, and how you nev­er wor­ry about tear­ing your del­i­cate dusty-rose dress when you think it’ll look sus­pi­cious if we’re gone for too long.

I need moments like this — like good­night kiss­es and the things you tell your friends about me — all the lit­tle details so many take for grant­ed. That’s why I haven’t been able to write. Not because I’ve been too occu­pied with life, but because I’ve become numb to every­thing else, and inspi­ra­tion has always come from my capac­i­ty to feel.

So brush your hair behind your ear, take anoth­er walk with me, and give me a rea­son to speak to the world.

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  1. Perhaps one of the rea­sons is: a great blog post is for­ev­er. We read­ers have wit­nessed your ultra­pro­duc­tive moments, and expect the next great bust of cre­ativ­i­ty. So explor­er good things that make you fell bet­ter, or do what­ev­er is of most inter­est. And if you have time, please blog more.

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