He Who Cannot Be Tamed

Byron’s over a year old now, which means he’s officially an adult in kitty years. I’ve given up on my dream of having another big cat to cuddle, as he’s retained stocky limbs and long tail, but grown into a small and slender body.

Dolly more than makes up for that though, even though she’s still a little sore at me for bringing him home. She’s nowhere near as tolerant to my teasing as before, but she’s still social and still nestles against my chest when she’s in the mood (usually during naps, never at night nowadays).

he who cannot be tamed

Disguised in this innocent yawn is a silent roar from the killer within.

My relationship with Byron is very different from the one I share with Dolly. She’s a cat who appreciates the love and attention I give her, and she shows me this with every nuzzle and purr.

Byron, on the other hand, is more of a pet; a cat who’s nice to have around, but who doesn’t interact with me on the same level. He has a few social habits — hanging out with me when he knows it’ll soon be meal time, or jumping on me for a nice rubdown when he hears me stirring in bed as I’m waking up — but that’s usually as far as it goes. I’ve tried to nourish a stronger bond with him by practicing controlled feeding and making sure I pick him up several times a day, but he’s always remained a kitty of his own.


  1. Dolly and Ramsey could be siblings – little piglets!

    • Hahah, I never thought of that. She totally has the same gut as he does when she’s lying down.

  2. Cats are really quite something, aren’t they?

    I used to stay with my brother’s cat, Cooper. In attitude wise, he’s like Dolly to my brother and his partner, and Byron to me.

    He only talks to me whenever it’s near his meal time or when he’s feeling cold and wants to sleep on my lap because it’s warmer.

    And no matter how much I try, I just can’t seem to establish a closer relationship with him.

    Funny how a cat can make someone feel so much.

    Anyway, I love your pictures! And your cats are really cute! (:

    • Thanks! Both Dolly and Byron are pretty consistent about their behaviour, whether it’s towards me or my guests. I’ve never owned a cat who had different personalities with different people, but I’ve met a few (usually the owner vs. everyone else).

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