Sometimes I hate the word love

cause you speak of it like it’s the answer, when you define your­self by your sin­gle­dom. It’s a sta­tus you try to wear proud­ly, but how much you talk about your ide­al mate only reveals how much you hate being alone.

What you’re look­ing for is hard to find. That’s your excuse. But your “high stan­dards” are defined by the most pet­ty things, and all those pet­ty things keep hold­ing you back, a hypocrisy that makes you the vic­tim. That’s why your life is filled with part 1s and nev­er any part 2s. Then you talk as if we should be shocked that you’re sin­gle, vul­ner­a­ble, and lone­ly.

You think love is some­thing one does, instead of some­thing one means. You can see the beau­ty in a gift, but not the thought behind it. Then you pass off your ideas on love as wis­dom and advice, when they’re sim­ply the things you want, cause you don’t have the wis­dom to know what you actu­al­ly need to be in a suc­cess­ful rela­tion­ship.

It’s the most shal­low form of love pos­si­ble. That’s why I hate the word. Not cause of the way you define it — I don’t judge any­one by their def­i­n­i­tion of hap­pi­ness — but because you think it means the same thing I do every time you use it.

And I want to tear it from your throat.


  1. Nice post! Enjoyed and could not have said any bet­ter!! :-)

  2. This brought to mind a vari­a­tion on your image of the man and the woman, with the lat­ter hold­ing a heart in her hand. I feel as though this post could be par­tial­ly visu­al­ized with heart in one per­son­’s throat and a heart in the oth­er per­son­’s chest. What do you think?

    • I remem­ber that dia­gram! I like your vari­a­tion, although I feel like the two hearts should be drawn in a dif­fer­ent style to show the con­trast between the two ideas of love.

      • Good point — per­haps a heart with stink lines com­ing out of it. ;)

      • At the very least, the heart in the throat would have to be small­er for sure.

  3. This gave me chills. Excellent descrip­tion. Raw.

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