lie to me

I feel so over­whelmed by my inse­cu­ri­ties late­ly. I don’t know what to think of myself any­more. I can’t tell if I’m being hard on myself, or just hon­est.


  1. All I can do is tell you ::hug:: and remind you that a lot of the hard-on-your­self record­ings in your per­son­al­i­ty are old ones, not cre­at­ed by you; are they that kind? At least you can ask your­self that when you feel it.

    And even if you are being hon­est:
    Ask your­self Is it pro­duc­tive?,
    or should you shake your­self and go out and have some tea in a cafe with a win­dow that over­looks a rainy street with feet pass­ing by in col­or­ful rub­ber boots and small bun­dled chil­dren and watch leaves get smushed to pulp?

    Be pro­tec­tive of your­self, but in the right way.

    • Now that you men­tion it, I can tell part of this is an old bad habit of mine. Also, just over-think­ing in gen­er­al. Which sort of tells me I may not be see­ing things as the way they are.

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