She was look­ing through some of my pho­tos when she asked, “Is that the girl you like? The one on the swing?”

Yeah”, I said. Then, “Like? Liked?”, because I was­n’t sure.

You still like her. If you’re ques­tion­ing it, that means you still do.”



  1. I agree with the notion that if there is any sort of uncer­tain­ty, there must be some emo­tion­al invest­ment there. Going through a sim­i­lar thing at the moment myself, though not sure what to do about it.. Sucks!

    • Investment is def­i­nite­ly the right word. Unfortunately, it’s not like we can recoup our loss­es. All we can do is try to learn from the sit­u­a­tion.

  2. Ok, I will let you in on a secret few know about. To ban­ish this prob­lem from your mind sim­ply put your fin­gers in your ears and scream “LALALALALALALALALALA” until you pass out or gain enlight­en­ment. Repeat as nec­es­sary. :-)

    • If this works, I will need to write some­thing else on the sheet of paper I’m sup­posed to bring to your night of mag­ic. :D

    • So that’s what peo­ple mean when they tell you lat­er to “pull your fin­gers out”.

      Of course, it’s easy to hear what you’re say­ing, even when it’s writ­ten down as long as one’s mind is open but clos­ing off the sens­es is a tricky busi­ness… although, come to think of it, even Odin was will­ing to give up an eye to get a drink from the well of knowl­edge at the root of the tree of life.

      But I will “leaf-out” any bad jokes that I might be tempt­ed to try at the expense of Yggdrisil.

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