Versace Frames

Versace glasses

I wanted a bolder look this time, since my last pair is much more subtle. Actually, they’re still my current pair, as I wear one or the other, depending on the mood.

Following the trend in most of my designs, I’m going for more contrast and stronger statements.

They didn’t sit quite correctly on my face (or most Asian faces, the sales rep told me, as we have narrow nose bridges), because they don’t have nose pieces. The frames would be too low for my face and my eyelashes would brush against the lenses, so I had to order some nose pads to add on myself, et voilà. A perfect fit.

Versace logos

Of note is the logo on the arms. This is the first time that I’ve seen the Versace logo like this, but further research indicates that it’s an uncommonly used alternate logo. I thought it was because the regular logo would have lines that are too fine for small representations, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, as I’ve seen it even smaller on watches and bracelets too. Which is just as well, as I wouldn’t care to wear anything with the Medusa’s head on it.


  1. Wow, I guess I’m Asian. I do have an epithelial fold like Asian eyes and my eyelashes always bump into my glasses. Which is why I never wear them, they make me crazy. Maybe I have Mongolian blood from eons ago?. Gave up & chose contacts.

    That doesn’t look like Medusa to me, are you sure it isn’t a green woman?

    • You might just have particularly long lashes. I’ve read about how some girls have the same problem because they use eyelash curlers or thickeners that really make them pop out.

      Versace had a fascination with Greek mythology, and at one point, the image of Medusa wasn’t as the hideous hag that we think of her now.

      • Nope no giant eyelashes here… I wish..
        Interesting I didn’t know that about Versace.

  2. What kind of nose pad did you get? The silicone kind? Where did you order them? The foam nosepads I have for mine (in my most recent post) don’t work too well, and my glasses slide and sit too low as well as my eyelashes brushing against the lenses. Imagine how annoying it is after I apply mascara!

    I like the glasses. You look good.

    • Yep, I bought the silicone kind from a place that supplies laboratories called QTE North America. I’ve tried foam too, and they do tend to slide down after a while.

  3. I actually prefer this pair than your last pair. It looks like it’s quite heavy with the thick arms, do they block your peripheral vision?

    Did you add on the nose pads by yourself? I had mine done by the shop, it cost me about CAD30.

    • They do block my peripheral vision a bit, I only really notice when I’m driving and checking my blind spot. I need to make sure I really check it well.

      I did add the nose pads myself, but they’re not screwed on or anything. I hear that you need to keep adding new stick-on nosepads, because the glue will wear out eventually. yours are probably more stable and reliable.

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