Restless Night

Starbucks Coffee

On nights like this, when I’ve been in the house by myself all day, I have a crav­ing for some­thing. Not just for a taste, but an expe­ri­ence, among the lights and the shad­ows.

A while ago, I found the right place with the right ambiance. A place with­out the dis­trac­tions of my house. Where I can write with­out think­ing of what oth­er work I should be doing.

I always tell myself that I’ll go tomor­row. It’s always tomor­row (the same day that most diets start). So I force myself to get in the car and dri­ve.

When I walk in, I have to remem­ber the nomen­cla­ture. Tall means small, grande means medi­um, ven­ti means large.

Along with this crav­ing comes a thirst for some­thing sweet and warm to drink, hark­ing to the days I lived unem­ployed, and my favourite thing to do was drink all sorts of strong cof­fees and teas. My stom­ach will pay for this lat­er.

The cups always feel nice in the hand. Maybe I’m a suck­er for good design — the pure white, the clean lines, the tex­tured insu­lat­ing sleeve with promi­nent cor­po­rate logo.

Sometimes, I need to go out to be alone. A warm drink is com­pa­ny enough.


  1. And a spi­ral note­book and a good gel pen : )

    • Gel pens are nice, but I pre­fer the roller­ball actu­al­ly. I find they have a sharp­er point (which I need because I write small), even if they’re less smooth. And sub­sti­tute spi­ral note­book with Moleskine for me, and we’re on the same page. No pun intend­ed!

      • This is hilar­i­ous cause I was going to reply to Xibee say­ing that roller­balls are bet­ter but then I did­n’t cause Xibee does­n’t even know who the heck I am.

        Gel pens are to extro­vert­ed for their own good. They need to learn some self restraint.

      • Not to wor­ry. My com­menters fre­quent­ly reply to each oth­er, even though they don’t know each oth­er.

        Personally, I think gel pens are an acquired taste. I like them for the most part, but the designs of them tend to be too bulky for my taste.

  2. TOO extro­vert­ed. I’m not used to the key­board on my new lap­top. I keep miss­ing let­ters cause I don’t hit it hard enough.

    • I guess you’re going to have to get the new lap­top through the bor­der. Better tear up the receipt!

  3. Ok, now you’ve got me wor­ried. Please explain. You think I’ll have prob­lems?

    • Not nec­es­sar­i­ly a prob­lem, just the duty you’d need to pay on the lap­top when going through cus­toms. So since you’re fly­ing back into Ontario, that’d be GST + PST, or some­thing around 15%. You could always try to sneak it in with­out declar­ing it, but as you say, it’s nice and shiny and looks new, so if they catch you, you may have to pay the tax and a fine on top of that.

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