Cat Street

Jewellery stall

Thumbnail: Upper Lascar Row
Thumbnail: Stairway entrance
Thumbnail: Decoration shop
Thumbnail: Examining goods
Thumbnail: Food stand
Thumbnail: Rainy alleyway
Thumbnail: Stair alleyway
Thumbnail: Stalls

Upper Lascar Row, also known as Cat Street, is a nar­row alley­way mar­ket that sells dec­o­ra­tions, trin­kets, and antiques. It’s not quite like oth­er Hong Kong mar­kets because it’s less com­mer­cial­ized (i.e. does­n’t sell as many touristy things), even though the most com­mon buy­ers there seem to be for­eign.

The name comes from a joke in Chinese: it’s said that if you have some­thing stolen, you’re like­ly to find it for sale on Cat Street. Thieves are known as “rats” in Cantonese slang, and peo­ple who pur­chase goods from rats are called “cats”.


  1. I nev­er was told the mean­ing of this street’s name. Now I guess it’s no sur­prise that I found a chi­nese moun­tain-trib­al cer­e­mo­ny hat there and thought to myself at the time, Geez, this should be in a muse­um, what’s it doing here?. Wish I had bought it and tak­en it to one. Couldn’t afford it. I also did­n’t know about the Indian las­cars either. Cool.

    • Actually, even local Hongkies (includ­ing the uncle who took me there) may not know the mean­ing of the streets name. I guess it’s some­thing you’re only inter­est­ed in if you’re a vis­i­tor. I can say the same thing for land­marks in my city, as there are many areas I take for grant­ed and remain unex­plored.

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