Old Family Portrait

Old family portrait

I found this pic­ture at my uncle’s house. It is:

  1. Hilarious
  2. Hilarious
  3. Hilarious
  4. All of the above

How weird is it that I did­n’t even rec­og­nize myself. And look at those glass­es! They were my first pair, which prob­a­bly means I was around 14 or 15. Apparently, I was still wear­ing my cal­cu­la­tor watch at that age.


  1. adorable pic­ture. : )

    I remem­ber every one of my old­er cousins wear­ing cal­cu­la­tor watch­es too, way back when. I want­ed one for myself. I felt that it would make me look like a grownup for some rea­son. I was prob­a­bly 5 or 6, pre­car­i­ous age of want­i­ng to grow up so fast.

    • I want­ed a cal­cu­la­tor watch cause I thought it was so cool! Mine could store phone num­bers of friends (not that I had any), appoint­ments (not that I had any), and notes. There were also tons of lit­tle but­tons and text on screen that made it so appeal­ing to the nerd in me.

  2. Is that a TRAY too?? That’s more than hilar­i­ous. You don’t even look like your­self! What’s up with that hair???If that’s your grand­ma, she looks bet­ter now!. I love the aunt (guessing?)behind you. That col­lar and glass­es and hair com­bi­na­tion. Hee!. So typ­i­cal back then.

    • Nope, it’s just the way the pic­ture frame is designed. And yeah it’s my grand­ma, but on the oth­er side of my fam­i­ly, who passed away already.

  3. I still think cal­cu­la­tor watch­es are geek cool. That could be fam­i­ly por­trait any­where of the decade.

    • Hahahah…if only more peo­ple thought the same. American soci­ety would look so dif­fer­ent…

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