Turkey At Work

Free turkey

Yep, there’s a turkey roaming around the parking lot at work. And in sub-zero temperatures, no less. People try to shoo him away, scared that he might get run over, but he just weaves in and out of the cars in circles. At one point, he even perched himself on the spoiler of one them. It was a lawyer’s car, so no one cared. Except the lawyer of course.

Free turkey

I remember an online buddy driving here to visiting me from Illinois back in 2002. It was his first time in Canada, and he remarked that the scenery was really nice, with lots of trees and wildlife, unlike the concrete jungle of American cities. I guess I take Canadian nature for granted.

Free turkey


    • I know…I’d never seen live turkey before, much less in the middle of an industrial park.

  1. Wow!!! That’s the first turkey I’ve ever seen that didn’t look like a cartoon. A real, non-farm, wild birdy.

    You are lucky!

    • I have no idea where he came from, because as far as I know, there are no farms around. Wild turkeys aren’t common at all here.

  2. My mom phoned me a week ago on her way home from my house to tell me she saw a couple of wild turkeys at Walkley/St-Laurent. They’re taking over!!!

    • That’s insane! It makes me wonder if they’re really wild, or whether they’ve escaped from a farm somewhere. I thought the only wild things around here were birds, raccoons, and squirrels.

      • Well, turkeys ARE birds…

      • Ah, I meant flighted birds!

  3. Oh if they’re not common it makes me worry that someone’s removed their home, whatever it might have been…. hm.

    • Wow, that’s pretty crazy. I wonder why I haven’t seen more wild turkeys if there are 30,000 of them in Ontario.

  4. maybe most keep off the streets, in bushes. I’ve seen them roosting in trees along hwy 7.

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