Turkey At Work

Free turkey

Yep, there’s a turkey roam­ing around the park­ing lot at work. And in sub-zero tem­per­a­tures, no less. People try to shoo him away, scared that he might get run over, but he just weaves in and out of the cars in cir­cles. At one point, he even perched him­self on the spoil­er of one them. It was a lawyer’s car, so no one cared. Except the lawyer of course.

Free turkey

I remem­ber an online bud­dy dri­ving here to vis­it­ing me from Illinois back in 2002. It was his first time in Canada, and he remarked that the scenery was real­ly nice, with lots of trees and wildlife, unlike the con­crete jun­gle of American cities. I guess I take Canadian nature for grant­ed.

Free turkey


    • I know…I’d nev­er seen live turkey before, much less in the mid­dle of an indus­tri­al park.

  1. Wow!!! That’s the first turkey I’ve ever seen that did­n’t look like a car­toon. A real, non-farm, wild birdy.

    You are lucky!

    • I have no idea where he came from, because as far as I know, there are no farms around. Wild turkeys aren’t com­mon at all here.

  2. My mom phoned me a week ago on her way home from my house to tell me she saw a cou­ple of wild turkeys at Walkley/St-Laurent. They’re tak­ing over!!!

    • That’s insane! It makes me won­der if they’re real­ly wild, or whether they’ve escaped from a farm some­where. I thought the only wild things around here were birds, rac­coons, and squir­rels.

      • Well, turkeys ARE birds…

      • Ah, I meant flight­ed birds!

  3. Oh if they’re not com­mon it makes me wor­ry that some­one’s removed their home, what­ev­er it might have been.… hm.

    • Wow, that’s pret­ty crazy. I won­der why I haven’t seen more wild turkeys if there are 30,000 of them in Ontario.

  4. maybe most keep off the streets, in bush­es. I’ve seen them roost­ing in trees along hwy 7.

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