Dexter the Cat

Named after Dexter the ser­i­al killer. You can’t keep this cat down. If you leave any­thing lying around that’s not more than 25 pounds, he’ll play with it. This usu­al­ly involves bat­ting, scratch­ing, knock­ing it off a table, or chew­ing it.

I sus­pect this is why Darren keeps his house so clean.


  1. What a cute cat. He just wants to play.

  2. Haha, what a fun video. The qual­i­ty is amaz­ing — what do you use to shoot?

  3. @J. — Yes.…all the time!

    @Jason — I shot it with a Canon HF100. It’s an HD cam­corder with excel­lent image qual­i­ty for a decent price. You real­ly need the right light­ing to demon­strate the qual­i­ty though. Then again, that’s basi­cal­ly the rule for all film, still or mov­ing.

  4. wow, pret­ty, and strong. Love the orange alert eyes.

    Our cats were nev­er that healthy or play­ful. We missed their youth phase.

  5. Alert is a good way to describe Dexter. He’s always look­ing out for the next thing to play with. My cat has fall­en into lazi­ness in her old age. I think it’s pret­ty com­mon.

  6. Nice video. I love the open­ing shot. I like ambi­ent music you chose too. What is it?

  7. Thanks, the music is from a movie called Code 46 by Free Association. I don’t have much ambi­ent music, but I find this one fit well.

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