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This week, the sound from my right head­phone start­ed crack­ling and prompt­ly died. I’ve been lis­ten­ing to my music with only the left chan­nel until I can find a replace­ment pair.

This has led to the unfor­tu­nate dis­cov­ery that when singing to your­self at a cer­tain vol­ume, OTHER PEOPLE CAN STILL HEAR YOU.


  1. Oooooooooooooh, I SO want­ed to tell that to the guy next to me in the gym the oth­er day, ya.

    Don’t rec­om­mend those lit­tle ear­phones that they say are small­er than the iPod reg­u­lar ones. Crappy.

  2. I bought a great set at the air­port in Toronto before i left Canada , which unfor­tu­nate­ly died after many many hours of bliss­ful­ly drown­ing out the mani­a­cal preach­ings of the locals on the island.

    I haven’t found the time to buy new ones since i got back, which has put me back to using my crap­py i‑buds, which in turn also led to the same discovery…and some seri­ous blush­ing at Chapters and the gym.

  3. @Xibee — I find those small in-ear buds to be bet­ter actu­al­ly. They drown out any out­side noise which is very much need­ed on a bus, and the bass response is real­ly good (for ear­buds). Unfortunately, they gen­er­al­ly cost a lot more than I’m cur­rent­ly will­ing to pay.

    @loo — Those did­n’t last you very long then I take it. I’ve regressed to using the i‑buds as well and they’re ter­ri­ble, but it’s bet­ter than one chan­nel.

  4. Yeah Jeff, they only last­ed 10 weeks… but they served a great pur­pose in their short-lived life.

    Agreed; i‑buds are awe­ful, i think i’ll head out this week­end in search for new ones.

  5. lol awe­some. Keep singing. It makes peo­ple smile..

  6. I tried the Skullcandy head­phones but they are TERRIBLE. The suc­tion buds were cool and total­ly blocked out the out­side sounds but the sound died in the one side after not-even a week. I got them exchanged for a new pair but same thing hap­pened and so i just went BAH.

    I’m using some Sony ear­buds now which work per­fect­ly fine =)

  7. @J. — It’s hard to sing when you know peo­ple are lis­ten­ing…

    @Sammi — The Skullcandy ones can be expen­sive too. I went with Panasonic ones myself. I’ve had real­ly bad expe­ri­ences with Sony ear­buds, where the cables kept fray­ing. I had to return them three times (under war­ran­ty) in one year.

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