Recording My Dreams

Note: Dreams are fun­ny things. As the cre­ator of the world you’re in, you have an omni­scient knowl­edge of every­thing, includ­ing what oth­er peo­ple in the dream are think­ing. Things that are lyser­gic and ran­dom make per­fect sense in a dream. Every now and then, espe­cial­ly when they’re very vivid, a dream will seem fas­ci­nat­ing, so I’ll write it down and post it. Then I read it over again, and think “This is the stu­pid­est, least coher­ent thing I’ve ever writ­ten”. Then I delete it. I’ve done this about a half dozen times, and they’re the only entries I’ve ever delet­ed from this blog.

This is an exam­ple from last night. I’ll try not to delete it.

There was also a part about play­ing table ten­nis that pre­cedes the begin­ning, like the scene between Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Match Point, which, eeri­ly enough, is some­what sim­i­lar to this dream. However, the mem­o­ry has been lost in the haze of con­scious­ness.

P.S. If you ever read this, Alex, please don’t beat me up. KTHX.

Dreamt Sophia and I were in love.

Alex, her, and I were on the couch of my old home, sold now, upstairs in the mas­ter bed­room where my mom used to read her Chinese gos­sip columns and watch TV. We were watch­ing footage of some­one play­ing SimCity Five (a kids ver­sion, for five-year-olds) on the wood­en 25″, watch­ing her build con­vey­or belts from con­struc­tion dump­sters that led to the rivers, watch­ing them col­lapse cause she’s five and does­n’t know how to build a city.

Alex fell asleep on the ground, his body against the wall where the walk-in clos­ets are.

Sophia was wear­ing two pairs of glass­es, her pur­ple ones, and black ones on top. Her head was in my lap. I asked why she was wear­ing two pairs, and she looked up at me and said, “Cause that’s what you like1″. I asked her, “How do you know that’s what I like?” I took off both pairs to see her eyes, and ran my fin­gers through her hair. She smiled.

Then we were in the Sim city. England was flood­ed, Big Ben was­n’t work­ing, and we were as high as the clock face, stand­ing on a met­al mesh built above the flood, every­thing else float­ing in water five feet below us, but build­ings anchored to the ground.

We kissed — bare­ly — just once. Pursing our lips, and touch­ing them togeth­er, cause we knew it would­n’t work. There was no use in get­ting attached.

We were stand­ing with her arms around my shoul­ders, mine around her waist. Then the oth­ers found us amidst the chaos. Her sis­ter2 and Lin3 showed up, wan­der­ing around. Alex was­n’t far behind them. The girls expressed dis­ap­proval on their faces, but they hid it from him to pro­tect us. I could tell she was unhap­py, with Alex when we were flirt­ing, with los­ing what we briefly had.

The girls walked off, and the three of us were left look­ing at a world map of the flood. Alex start­ed to cor­rect me. Corrected my geog­ra­phy, my guess on the pop­u­la­tion of the US, of the world.

Dreamt I woke up. Dreamt I wrote this down. Dreamt I tried des­per­ate­ly to record it, because it was such a good dream. Dreamt I lost it, I checked my note­book, and it was­n’t there any­more.

Then I woke up.

  1. In real life, this is true. Girls with glass­es are hot, although two pairs is pret­ty sil­ly and does­n’t mag­i­cal­ly dou­ble the attrac­tive­ness. []
  2. I’ve nev­er met Sophia’s sis­ter, but she recent­ly wrote about her, so maybe this is why she makes an appear­ance. I’m curi­ous to know if she looks like the way I pic­tured her in the dream. []
  3. Why Lin and not Jen, I have no idea. []


  1. Jeff —

    This might be stu­pid, but you’ve been tagged. Check out my maeko.argh’s entry for today to under­stand. I think your 8’s could be inter­est­ing!


  2. Hey, the first time I’ve ever been tagged! Sorry though, tagging/quizzes/Friday five isn’t my thing so I won’t be par­tic­i­pat­ing. Still a very inter­est­ing idea, I’ll have to think about which one of yours is a lie.

  3. As long as our tor­rid love affair remains in your mind I would­n’t wor­ry about get­ting beat up :p That’s fun­ny, I’ve worn two pairs of glass­es before and that def­i­nite­ly was not attrac­tive. It was so that I would­n’t lose one pair…I think. Funny how I can see Alex cor­rect­ing your geog­ra­phy and telling you about the US.

    Btw, this was from a recent pho­to­shoot my sis­ter did:

    since you were curi­ous ;)

  4. The strange thing is that I think you look bet­ter with­out glass­es (one of those rare excep­tions for girls). Or maybe it was the make­up and hair com­bo as well from the wed­ding, which is the only time I’ve seen you with­out them. Everyone cor­rects my geog­ra­phy; it’s one of my Achilles heels.

    And your sis­ter looks some­what sim­i­lar to the image in my dream. I don’t quite remem­ber because I can’t real­ly describe some­one’s face (maybe if I paint­ed a por­trait or some­thing, I’d remem­ber), but my first reac­tion was­n’t “Oh, she looks com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from what I had in mind”. She def­i­nite­ly was­n’t wear­ing those short shorts and sus­penders though. :)

  5. Oh my god, Agnes is GORgeous! I’m sure Sophia is just as beau­ti­ful.

  6. Uhm.. no, she’s the hot one, I’m the smart one ;)

  7. Hahah…more like she’s the hot one and you’re the cute one. I had no idea that hav­ing sib­lings was like being in a boy/girl band.

  8. My sis­ter used to always be dis­ap­point­ed for being con­sid­ered “cute” and not hot.

  9. I used to be the same way, but now that I’m get­ting old­er, I’ll take what I can get.

  10. I’ve only felt beau­ti­ful a hand­ful of times in my life.

    Anymore, I only rarely feel like I’m the “smart one,” though I’m a “writer.” I met a girl when I was 22 who start­ed call­ing her­self my sis­ter. She is an artist, fash­ion con­sul­tant and mod­el in LA now. I cow­er in her shad­ow.

    At least I can Karaoke the shit out­ta my iPod bet­ter than she can.

  11. My first reac­tion was to say that I’ve nev­er felt beau­ti­ful in my life, but upon think­ing about it some more, I can remem­ber one time that I tru­ly did.

    Among my friends, I think I’m the “cre­ative” one. The strange part is that I can’t define any of them by one word, and I’d pre­fer it if I was like that too. Maybe just because that’s what sep­a­rates us; oth­er­wise, we’re very sim­i­lar.

    And I think we’re all rock­stars in our cars and show­ers. :)

  12. Do guys real­ly care whether they feel beau­ti­ful or not? I think hav­ing an artis­tic tal­ent increas­es some­one’s so called ‘beau­ty.’ Not every­one has that kind of tal­ent, and I’m sure oth­ers find it inspir­ing and attrac­tive. I always liked guys who could sing, write, or draw, it’s sexy :D or maybe it’s because I want to be their muse and be a part of their cre­ativ­i­ty ;) I had a friend in high school who was writ­ing a nov­el and used me as one of the char­ac­ters. I don’t think he ever fin­ished though.

  13. I think they do, or at least I do. Talent def­i­nite­ly increas­es some­one’s beau­ty, but beau­ty plays a big part in attrac­tion as well, since not every­one has beau­ty either.

    For me, it’s girls who can play instru­ments or games real­ly well. It can’t just be a hob­by though, they have to be REALLY good at it for it to be a turn-on, but, oh, is it a big one. :)

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