A New Winter Ritual

Snow col­lect­ed on the grass last night.

This makes me dream of week­end morn­ings in my liv­ing room, tea and a lap­top, look­ing out to a blan­ket of white. Dolly curled up on the arm­rest next to me, as she always is. No oth­er con­trast feels as cozy.

Ritual dic­tates that I watch Onegin or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind on the day of the first snow­fall, a trib­ute to win­ter scenes and warm romance.

This year, I’ll buy myself some skates. I’ll pack a snack and some water. Maybe my cam­era in case an image catch­es my fancy.

As the strings shud­der and the beats go on, I’ll carve a lit­tle path for myself on the canal, and burn beneath the orange sky.

And this will be my new ritual.


  1. I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind just once… can’t bear to watch it again.

  2. Too sad? Too painful? Too poignant?

  3. Eternal Sunshine gets my vote.

    It hasn’t got­ten cold enough here in years to go skat­ing on any of the near­by lakes and ponds. I applaud your idea. Do it! Take your mar­velous pho­tos and I can live vic­ar­i­ous­ly through you.

    I’m x-ing my fin­gers in hopes the win­ter here won’t be wimpy–I sim­ply MUST go sledding.

  4. @sikander — But those are exact­ly the reason’s why it’s so good and worth watch­ing again!

    @Maeko — Canadian win­ter is some­thing that should def­i­nite­ly not be missed. It’s one of the rea­sons why I think I’ll stay in this coun­try for the rest of my life. Funny to think of some­one liv­ing vic­ar­i­ous­ly through me.

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