She Doesn't Know How Beautiful

The art of long­ing’s over, and it’s nev­er com­ing back.

—Leonard Cohen, Death of a Ladies’ Man

They ask me why I’m cry­ing. I tell them the song is too good, not to cry.

They ask me why there’s a bounce in my step. I tell them I’m in love, and I don’t care.

They ask me if she’s tak­en. I tell them she is.

They ask me if she knows. I tell them it does­n’t mat­ter as long as I feel this way, and I’m nev­er let­ting go.

They ask me, “Why her?”.

I tell them she makes me hap­py with­out try­ing.

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  1. Sounds rea­son­able. Enjoy feel­ings while they last.

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