The Weeping Sky

Thumbnail: Hurdman station on a rainy day

Thumbnail: Walkley station on a rainy day

It hasn’t stopped pouring since I woke up. I’m traveling through the city in my favourite hoodie. Thinking about you and your delicate wrists. The photos I took of you smiling, always looking away. Wondering what it must be like in your world. Wondering if we’ll ever meet again. Wondering what you meant when you told me it’s hard to be alone when you’re told you’re growing old.

I write this so I won’t have to write about you again.

Perhaps in a simpler world things would have worked out differently, and you would have given me a second thought.

But I have no tears in me.

The sky weeps instead.


  1. Seems like everything is sad lately.

    I am crying with you. My problems seem insurmountable sometimes.

  2. Talking it out sometimes gets it gone. It can be a stage of letting go or a stage of holding on. Sometimes you just have to speak it and discover later which effect it had.

    Hope the storm front broke you thru into a new day.

  3. @Maeko — But…I’m not crying.

    @Pearl — The whole “delayed discovery” is a great idea, something I’ve been trying to follow for a while now.

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