My Cat Can Beg

Before giv­ing her food, I use to ask Dolly to shake or beg or give paw, and she’d lift one paw up (always her right one) for me. Now she’s asso­ci­at­ed the paw-lift­ing action with being fed, so she skips the step of me say­ing any­thing and auto­mat­i­cal­ly does it.

She’ll do any­thing for food real­ly.


  1. She’s gor­geous! And chub­by ;) She must be doing a lot of beg­ging.

  2. Actually, she’s lost a lot of weight, com­pared to how fat she used to be, but it’s hard to tell. Her stom­ach is a lot slim­mer, but it still sags to the ground.

    I don’t think she’ll ever lose it, heh.

  3. She’s such a cool cat. Before i met her i absolute­ly did­n’t care for cats, main­ly because the ones i’d known in my life were stuck-up or teased so bad­ly as kit­tens that they were trau­ma­tized. I thought most/all cats were just like that by nature, then i realised that cats too reflect their own­ers (or at least some of them do)

    Dolly’s one of the main rea­sons i became inter­est­ed in own­ing a cat of my own one day.

  4. Dolly’s been able to make a few cat lovers out of dog lovers over the years. People say that she’s the most dog-like cat they’ve ever met. Maybe that’s her appeal.

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