Dreams For Cash

Thumbnail: March of the elephants
Thumbnail: Floor design
Thumbnail: Grass angels
Thumbnail: Iron circle
Thumbnail: Journey tablet
Thumbnail: Ring table
Thumbnail: Paper bird

There’s some­thing about these small-town stores. They car­ry every­thing; books, art sup­plies, fur­ni­ture, can­dy.

The baubles, the African stat­ues, the organ­ic cat­nip tins, the eso­teric wire sculp­tures, they all go home with some­one. Some of them will be thrown out in less than a year, oth­ers become heir­looms passed from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion.

In all their tiny beau­ty, they make a dif­fer­ence.

The peo­ple who work there are nev­er the same, but there’s always one thing that’s con­sis­tent. You can see the inno­cence in their faces, a warm feel­ing of rus­tic integri­ty. They all say hi, and go back to what they were doing, nev­er mind­ing your wan­der­ing pres­ence in the store. I think I’d like to be one of these peo­ple some day. Maybe when I retire.

Selling dreams.


  1. Like your blog…
    can’t remem­ber how I stum­bled upon it.
    Do you still have your kit­ten?
    Are you real­ly only 25?
    25 going on 45
    cheers, from van city

  2. Thanks! I take your age ques­tion as a good com­pli­ment. I don’t seem to relate to many my age nowa­days.

    My kit­ten has become a real­ly fat cat, there are tons of pic­tures of her in the mis­cel­la­neous pho­to cat­e­go­ry.

  3. I’m glad you’re still tak­ing pho­tographs and I love this design style. I haven’t vis­it­ed in a while.

  4. yes, age query is a com­pli­ment.
    You must be an ‘old soul’ to see the world as you do at a mere 25
    most 25 yr. olds are only inter­est­ed in a quick buck & a quick lay and what­ev­er intox­i­cant comes next..
    no reflec­tion of any kind, oth­er than what­ev­er they think they see in a mir­ror.

    sor­ry your cat became so fat.

    Cheers, Amy

  5. Thanks, to the both of you. You should get your site up again, Phae.

    It’s fun­ny that you say “mere 25”. Sometimes, when I’m try­ing to decide between extra mort­gage pay­ments or more RRSP con­tri­bu­tions, I feel real­ly old.

    Dolly is on a diet now (both type of food and amount), but I’m not sure it’s work­ing. She seems to be hap­py either way, which is what mat­ters to me.

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