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A Stoic Beginning

Sometimes, after pulling your­self out of bed instead of call­ing in late because there’s too much to do, when the walk to work is through ankle-deep snow which is com­ing down in sheets, you give up on avoid­ing the pud­dles because your socks are already soaked through after five min­utes, you can bare­ly keep your eyes open from the pre­cip­i­ta­tion and the exhaus­tion, the cold is giv­ing you a split­ting headache, and the only thing keep­ing you sto­ic is to con­cen­trate on the music in your ears but your iPod runs out of bat­ter­ies and this is the start of your week, you have no oth­er choice but to laugh.

New Year's '06

Thumbnail: Aaron and Rob
Thumbnail: Cheese tots
Thumbnail: Cristina's poker face
Thumbnail: Cuff links
Thumbnail: Lacey
Thumbnail: pass the booze
Thumbnail: Sarah
Thumbnail: Poker table
Thumbnail: Karen

Aaron and Karen’s annu­al New Years par­ty was a fun time in a relax­ing sense, much low­er-key than last year, with few­er peo­ple and casu­al clothes. I don’t believe there was any­one who felt out-of-place, which meant that one could eas­i­ly move from group to group with­out any feel­ings of intru­sion. So that I did­n’t have to wor­ry about catch­ing a bus home ear­ly, they lent me the use of their SUV for me to dri­ve home.

I’m espe­cial­ly pleased with this set of pho­tos. I think I was able to show the mood appro­pri­ate­ly, with­out over-expos­ing the flash too much. My two favourite are with Sarah in her scarf and with Aaron hand­ing the low­ball to Rob. The for­mer because of the pure chance that worked out in cap­tur­ing the moment along with the won­der­ful tex­ture of her scarf, and the lat­ter because of how strong the two sets of hands look, like a firm hand­shake with­out touch­ing.