Chaos Grows Slightly

Thumbnail: Chaos grows 1

Thumbnail: Chaos grows 2

Thumbnail: Chaos grows 3

Some more pic­tures of Aaron and Karen’s kit­ten, Chaos, tak­en one sun­ny Sunday morn­ing when Aaron and I met to work on a busi­ness plan. I think he was off show­er­ing before we head­ed out for bubtea, and as I sat at the table with Chaos at my feet, I noticed that the light from the win­dows made his fur glow. I had only cap­tured the kit­ty on (dig­i­tal) film once before, a few months pri­or. One can already see how his fea­tures will devel­op when he’s old­er, with the long, slen­der body, and the aloof­ness of the nose.


  1. what won­der­ful pic­tures! i love the way the light is shin­ing


  2. I like the one in the mid­dle the most.

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