The Inherent Risks Of Happiness

There is a risk, there’s a risk when your deal­ing with love
You could snap my neck
Any speed you dri­ve can be dan­ger­ous
When this frame fails me
Will I trust you to car­ry me through?
I know there’s no such thing as safe­ty
But I know what a promise can do

Trust, Thrice

I’ve alway been one to put a lit­tle too much faith into peo­ple. Although this often ends up hurt­ing the par­ties involved, myself includ­ed, I’ve always felt like it was worth it. I’d rather give some­one the ben­e­fit of the doubt, and per­haps this is why I end up being let down so much (____ would add that my intol­er­ance is par­tial­ly to blame). Some peo­ple don’t like to take that risk and need oth­ers to make the first step, need oth­ers to make that leap of faith. I know, because in some cas­es, I used to be one of them. One may hold back until they know that the oth­er per­son has as much at risk as they do. It’s the eas­i­est way to not get hurt.

There’s always one per­son who has to make that first step, to lay every­thing on the line. It’s one per­son who has to be the first to go for a kiss, the first to say, “I love you”, with­out know­ing what the oth­er per­son will say in return. It makes it eas­i­er, of course, if one can under­stand or accept the fact that there are risks involved in any sort of rela­tion­ship, that not every­thing will go the “right” way.

But that’s what life is about. That’s what love is about. Nothing is worth it if you don’t put your­self out there.

There’s a Simon and Garfunkle song that goes, “The roller coast­er ride we took is near­ly at an end / I bought my tick­et with my tears, that’s all I’m gonna spend”. When Paul Simon penned those lyrics, in the man­ner which he plays with words and rhymes to cre­ate his beau­ti­ful, renowned lyri­cal vers­es, he should have writ­ten, “That’s all I need to spend”. There’s absolute­ly noth­ing more that one can give.

Tears are a small price to pay for a chance at hap­pi­ness.

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  1. We as humans often take these emo­tions we have for grant­ed.. I know I do.

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