Trailer Park Awesome

I was plan­ning on writ­ing some­thing else, but had the sug­gen urge to con­fess that I was watch­ing Trailer Park Boys with four oth­er guys yes­ter­day and it was the Christmas spe­cial where Jono is all prep­py and Randy is giv­ing hand­jobs for cheese­burg­ers before he becomes assis­tant super­in­ten­dent, when Bubbles is sit­ting with his present in his lap giv­en to him by his par­ents before they left him when he was young, and Ricky tells him to open it because they’re his fam­i­ly, so I start­ed to cry but no one noticed, and I can’t stop think­ing about how fuck­ing stu­pid it is, and I won­der if any­one ever believes me or thinks I’m doing it for atten­tion or what­ev­er because it makes no fuck­ing sense to me.


  1. Am I the only one who has­n’t heard of that show?

  2. The thing is, do you live in Canada?

  3. Ahh, Canadian tv. So much for my Canadian media knowl­edge.

  4. Woah, a cos­play­er who com­ments with Chingy ref­er­ences. COOL.

    Trailer Park Boys is becom­ing very pop­u­lar in the States. That’s why they sep­a­rat­ed the Canadian forum from the US forum on the web­site (I think the US is a few sea­sons behind).

  5. lol …the “load­in this pimp up” load screen on that site was good for a nice laugh. I am a fan of Lil Jon’s ridicu­lous web­site. And dude, I am the most realest cos­play­er EVER… well, maybe except for this chick PositiveSpace. She is like super hip hop cos­play­er ichiban. But seri­ous­ly, I am fresh to death.

    And…isn’t it “whoa” ?? Or is that some­thing American or…?

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