I have this the­o­ry that there’s no myth to the female orgasm. There are some who can have one and some who can’t. Most of the girls I’ve dat­ed have been able to achieve cli­max (or have led me to believe so), but there was one who nev­er did and nev­er seemed to care. There is no set attribute for all women.

This may be sup­port­ed by the fact that it’s the same with the types of orgasms, which vary not only from woman to woman, but from each occur­ring time as well. Some are implo­sive, some are explo­sive. Some are cen­tered in a region, some affect the entire body. Some cause lethar­gy, some cause ener­gy.

I think the abil­i­ty to have an orgasm is most­ly men­tal. The girl­friend who nev­er had one was a stone in bed, and I lat­er real­ized that she had the men­tal capac­i­ty to match.

Another girl­friend was of a sim­i­lar demeanour, but I could tell that she had the abil­i­ty to be taught at the right time, and the right per­son would have the patience to teach her the right things. I find that men­tal­ly strong girls are the ones who have the best orgasms. They’re also the most fun, because they know what they like and they aren’t afraid to ask for it, allow­ing for a lot of explo­ration. It was only when I met a strong girl that I was com­fort­able push­ing her body, com­fort­able fig­ur­ing out what she liked. She had the best orgasms, and she’s the only one I know who’s been able to have two very dif­fer­ent, very dis­tinct orgasms in a row, or orgasms that would last longer than a minute.

Even the expres­sions after­wards are unique, whether it’s a joc­u­lar look of “Don’t touch me, I’m over­stim­u­lat­ed” or bewil­dered “What the FUCK did you just do?” or “Give me a minute, I can’t feel my brain”. Guys are total­ly dif­fer­ent. Their expres­sions are linked to their orgasms, and they only have two: the angry face (aggres­sive, dom­i­nant, empow­er­ing), and the con­fused face (soft, whim­per­ing, almost sor­ry, à la Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary).

But that’s just my the­o­ry.


  1. I sup­port your the­o­ry, it also match­es my per­son­al expe­ri­ances. It is the devel­oped psy­che that can make our bod­ies per­form cer­tain ways. Whether it be sex­u­al­ly or oth­er­wise.

    It took me a long time to get around to under­stand­ing this phe­nom­e­na. Now that I have, I have the irre­sistable urge to take a cou­ple of years to go med­i­tate with Buddhist monks in Tibet.

  2. I agree to the extent of what I’ve heard, but I can­not con­firm your the­o­ry. Give me 5–10 years.

  3. inter­est­ing the­o­ry

  4. I agree with your the­o­ry!

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