Dating A Massage Therapist

Coolest thing about a girl­friend who’s a reg­is­tered mas­sage ther­a­pist: gen­er­al health and med­ical train­ing means that she can dis­tin­guish between the dif­fer­ent gaits and kinet­ics of the thir­teen dif­fer­ent Eternal Darkness char­ac­ters.

Oh yeah, and the pro mas­sages.



  1. Jeff, I see you got anoth­er copy of ED. Let me know what half of it was. I will give you cache/cheque next time I see ya.

    Man, I hate when stuff goes miss­ing.

  2. if i walk through that man­sion one more time with­out fig­ur­ing out what to do next, i’m gonna snap…not to men­tion my walk has become very antalgic, the walls are bleed­ing and this stat­ue keeps eye­ing me as i round the cor­ner of the stair­case.

    whos gonna rub my sore gam­ing thumb?

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