I’ve never been against any form of (non-permanent) self-mutilation, as long as it’s not considered a solution to a problem. After all, some people watch TV to get their minds off things, others pull out carving knives and make designs on their arms. Neither activity actually helps a situation, but are just ways to deal with things that can’t be helped.

I always make sure that I don’t have any razor blades handy. I figure that if it ever gets to the very rare point that I want to cut, I’ll be calm again by the time I go out and buy some, sort of like a cool-down period for firearms.

I’m proud of the fact that I’m strong enough now to resist, that if I did have a pack handy, I wouldn’t reach for it as a release.



    in light of your recent posts dear… check these out.. “how to kill yourself like a man” rated by; 1)manliness

    that tub full of beans entry reminds me of those nasty beans you got at montana’s steakhouse ewwww

    hang in there dear.

  2. I know what you mean much better then I want to, I had a long time when noe craft or exacto knifes were allowed in my apartment, for someone who’s a graphic designer and an artist, that was pretty difficult, I uses those tools all the time in the office. I got really good with scissors.

    Sometimes not hurting myself is a serious achivment I feel very proud of.

    I have to say and I know that for someone who never hurt themself that wouldn’t make much sense, that the time I was a TV addict was way more self destructive then the time I cut myself.

    Just cause somethnig doesn’t leave scares, it doesn’t mean that you are left unharmed.

    (tripple negative, I know I know…)

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