Death From Above 1979

I have to say more about DFA 1979’s debut LP. I’m amazed that two young guys from Canada could come up with an album that’s as funky, loud, raw, and devel­oped as this. They aren’t the White Stripes, as some have trag­i­cal­ly com­pared. What’s the dif­fer­ence? DFA 1979 does­n’t have shit­ty vocals, shit­ty drums, or shit­ty songs (although they also don’t have a mod­er­ate­ly cute female drum­mer). THEY DON’T EVEN PLAY THE SAME INSTRUMENTS. A BASS IS NOT THE SAME AS A GUITAR YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. WHAT THE HELL WAS YOUR BASIS OF COMPARISON? THE NUMBER OF MEMBERS IN THE BAND? LET’S JUST COMPARE NIRVANA TO THE BRAD MEHLDAU TRIO CAUSE THEY BOTH HAVE THREE MEMBERS.


Listening to Romantic Rights can make any­one feel like a mil­lion bucks just walk­ing down the street. I know I do.

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