Accepting The Help Of Others

It’s funny…I always think of the stereo­typ­i­cal, recent­ly divorced hus­band, and think to myself “I’ll nev­er end up like that”. I’ll nev­er “go back” to liv­ing on canned food, messy rooms, or gen­er­al unkempt­ness if I ever split up with a long-term girl­friend or wife. So I try to live my life the same if I’m in a rela­tion­ship or not, and not depend on some­one else to do things for me, by being healthy and clean when I’m not going out with some­one.

Then I real­ize that there are already things that Loo does for me that I would­n’t do myself. I don’t have the patience to make my bed, but she can’t stand to sleep in wrin­kled sheets, so she makes the bed every day. She buys fresh veg­eta­bles, because I always pur­chase the easy-to-cook frozen ones. Can I go back to liv­ing with­out lit­tle sweet pep­pers packed with my lunch, or with­out some­one to brush the cat hair from my clothes as I get dressed for work? How much of our­selves do we know­ing­ly or will­ing­ly give away, when we accept the help of oth­ers?

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