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Aaron's Birthday '04

Thumbnail: Aaron's birthday '04 1
Thumbnail: Aaron's birthday '04 1
Thumbnail: Aaron's birthday '04 1

On Saturday we ended up at the Highlander Pub, appar­ently the only place in the city to get good hag­gis, as a belated birth­day cel­e­bra­tion for Aaron. We con­vinced the man­ager, a black man in a kilt with a brow bar, to give us three tables. We took part in the home­land toast, in which the wait­resses hand out free shots of scotch every day at nine and every­one drinks to the ring of a bell.

Trolley, Nick, and Aaron par­tic­i­pated in some speed drink­ing com­pe­ti­tions. None of us are heavy drinkers; rather, we’re on the heavy side of casual drinkers, so being able to down a mug as quickly as this was wor­thy of a OMGDIDYOUSEETHATWHERESMYPROPS?!?

16% Win Ratio

I ended up los­ing all my matches yes­ter­day. Out of 18 games, I won three. Two matches should have been easy wins, and one was tied at 2 games, 12 points. I get too ner­vous when I’m play­ing new peo­ple. I’m not quite used to the entire idea of com­pet­ing, espe­cially for rank, espe­cially with other peo­ple depend­ing on me. My team­mates told me that it was notice­ably affect­ing my per­for­mance because it seemed as if my shoul­ders were stiff and I was try­ing too hard. I’ll be accus­tomed to every­thing eventually.

A Good Experience, I Tell Myself

I have another five hour league meet today. My team is matched up against two other teams of inter­me­di­ate play­ers. When I first played in the league at the begin­ning of the year I had no hope of beat­ing these peo­ple, but now I’m not sure. I think that if I can con­cen­trate well enough, and play smart enough, I’ll have a good chance. The prob­lem is that being ner­vous always puts me at a dis­ad­van­tage; I usu­ally only win when I’m calm and focused. I’ve only played two of the seven play­ers, so there’ll def­i­nitely be some styles that I’m not used to, and that’s what scares me. Either way, it’ll be good experience.

The Snake That Swallows Its Tail

Soul Mountain ends with the nar­ra­tor con­vinced that God is com­mu­ni­cat­ing to him in the form of a frogs’ blink­ing eye, and that’s become my favourite part of the whole book. I always read the intro­duc­tion both before I start the book and after I fin­ish the book, and this time the intro­duc­tion tied every­thing together in the end. I finally under­stood the big pic­ture in what was a mot­ley, slow-starting novel. I wanted to read Soul Mountain again, almost imme­di­ately after I fin­ished it, but I decided to start on Thus Spoke Zarathustra, even though both are rel­e­vant right now.