Monthly Archives: March 2004

Aaron’s Birthday ’04

Thumbnail: Aaron's birthday '04 1
Thumbnail: Aaron's birthday '04 1
Thumbnail: Aaron's birthday '04 1

On Saturday we ended up at the Highlander Pub, apparently the only place in the city to get good haggis, as a belated birthday celebration for Aaron. We convinced the manager, a black man in a kilt with a brow bar, to give us three tables. We took part in the homeland toast, in which the waitresses hand out free shots of scotch every day at nine and everyone drinks to the ring of a bell.

Trolley, Nick, and Aaron participated in some speed drinking competitions. None of us are heavy drinkers; rather, we’re on the heavy side of casual drinkers, so being able to down a mug as quickly as this was worthy of a OMGDIDYOUSEETHATWHERESMYPROPS?!?

16% Win Ratio

I ended up losing all my matches yesterday. Out of 18 games, I won three. Two matches should have been easy wins, and one was tied at 2 games, 12 points. I get too nervous when I’m playing new people. I’m not quite used to the entire idea of competing, especially for rank, especially with other people depending on me. My teammates told me that it was noticeably affecting my performance because it seemed as if my shoulders were stiff and I was trying too hard. I’ll be accustomed to everything eventually.

A Good Experience, I Tell Myself

I have another five hour league meet today. My team is matched up against two other teams of intermediate players. When I first played in the league at the beginning of the year I had no hope of beating these people, but now I’m not sure. I think that if I can concentrate well enough, and play smart enough, I’ll have a good chance. The problem is that being nervous always puts me at a disadvantage; I usually only win when I’m calm and focused. I’ve only played two of the seven players, so there’ll definitely be some styles that I’m not used to, and that’s what scares me. Either way, it’ll be good experience.

The Snake That Swallows Its Tail

Soul Mountain ends with the narrator convinced that God is communicating to him in the form of a frogs’ blinking eye, and that’s become my favourite part of the whole book. I always read the introduction both before I start the book and after I finish the book, and this time the introduction tied everything together in the end. I finally understood the big picture in what was a motley, slow-starting novel. I wanted to read Soul Mountain again, almost immediately after I finished it, but I decided to start on Thus Spoke Zarathustra, even though both are relevant right now.