Tell Me I'm Right, Baby

There’s something about a girl that apologizes. It’s like it makes her more human. I’ve always been one who likes girls who have their off days, instead of looking like a million bucks all the time. I guess it lets me know that they aren’t just superficial all the time, that they know that looks aren’t always important.

But when a girl apologizes, man. It turns me on. They know that they’re flawed in a way, and they have the “consciousness” to understand it.

It shows that they’ve reached the third level of understanding, as outlined below, the first level being complete ignorance, and the fourth level being complete enlightenment:

  1. I don’t know that I don’t know
  2. I don’t know that I know
  3. I know that I don’t know
  4. I know that I know

Not only does apologizing show that one is at a certain level of self-awareness, it shows that one is mature enough to admit this to oneself. And, as we know, maturity is fucking hot.

It’s the admitting to oneself that I find is much harder for people. So many people that I run into have such closed minds that they refuse to believe anything that goes against what they’ve believed for most of their lives. Sometimes, when one admits one was wrong, it invalidates a huge chunk of ones life and worldview. It’s a hard thing to do, and it takes strength, open-mindedness, and intelligence.

Of course, apologizing is nothing without change, without learning. Someone who learns greatly from their mistakes, and who isn’t afraid of making them for the sake of learning, is just amazing.

It all adds up; almost everything that I look for in a girl is encapsulated in one simple act of apologizing. It certainly makes things much simpler.

Yet more complicated at the same time.

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