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Constellations, Falling Fast, Watching Movie, and Starbucks

"Show me which constellations you know, and we'll walk along the beach forever." I remember writing this exact line when I was writing about someone, but now, I wonder if its possible to apply this same line to the person I'm loving now.

From the looks of it, everything seems to be falling so fast. Sometimes, I wonder how things will end up.

After watching the movie, we went to the nearest starbucks. Everything was nice, perfect, and windy.

I can't write no more, not because I'm lonely but because I'm happy.



Good for you that everything goes well! :-p

helo.. just stumbled upon your page.. nice site! cool and nice entries...

be happy!

naiintriga nanaman ako...

Thanks for visiting everyone. I was trying to write something a while ago but the idea fell apart and I can't construct a sensible sentence. I hope you can forgive me for not updating... hehehe ( as if).. Maybe next week... hehehe

UPDATE NA! wala akong mabasa! Hehe ingat.

well thats good.. we all deserve someone to look forward to..

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    Will she continue to cry for that love? Will her tears flow every night while she sleeps? Will someone listen to her when she needs someone? Will the moon give her the happiness that she deserves?



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