Crystal + Jae-In Wedding Day

Shot with a Canon 5D Mk II, mostly using my new 70–200mm f/2.8 IS II. Be sure to watch in high definition, and let the video load completely before playing because the pacing and momentum are crucial.

Editing took about 25 hours, and I’m super happy with the way it turned out. There were so many great moments, and the footage has a wonderfully visceral feel to it. The most challenging part of post-processing was colour balancing all the footage, which I had to do shot-by-shot. When you’re filming for an entire day, you tend to get a huge variety of light sources and temperatures.

A note about the tea ceremonies. The first one was the Chinese version, which allows relatives to hand red pockets or jewelery (usually gold and jade) to the new couple. The second one was Korean, named Paebaek, and is much more elaborate. Relatives line up for a formal bow, tea serving, then throw a handful of dates (representing girls) and chestnuts (representing boys) to be caught by the bride and groom with a blanket. The number of dates and chestnuts caught signifies how many children they’ll have. No surprise that grandpa only grabbed chestnuts.

Then the bride is given one of the dates they caught, and the groom has to take a bite out of it from her mouth. The person who ends up with the bigger piece is the one who will wear the pants (which is why you see the bride tenaciously trying to keep the bigger piece for herself). At the end, the groom has to carry his mother and mother-in-law around the ceremony table, then carry his new bride out of the hall.

Also, this:

dad at wedding



  1. Wow, it’s gorgeous! I felt like I could put my head in the screen and I’d be there. I haven’t seen your wedding photos, but as a videographer I’m already sold! Are you available for a wedding in summer 2012? Or maybe 2013 since I’m already getting ahead of myself.

    • I generally don’t do wedding photography unless it’s a special favour, because I find that people have certain expectations of wedding photos.

      On the other hand, people don’t have any expectations with video (it’s a much more difficult medium, and has only recently become affordable to produce, so few people can do it). That means they usually give me complete creative control, which is very important to me as an artist.

      No weddings booked in 2012 or 2013, so we’ll talk!

      • See!

        If it were a more lucrative thing, I’d say you’d found your real calling…. but …. up to how you feel since there are many things you do well. (But I really like THIS!)

  2. I would pickup a Canon 5D MkII in half a hearbeat if that meant I could shoot stuff I was satisfied with. It’s not the camera, it’s the skill. I’m teaching myself with a pocket Canon sx110 until I feel i’ve plateaued my skill with it.

    It’s surprising how a lifetime of experience can be an equal match for raw talent. (no pun intended)

    But I digress. Nice work!

    • The first thing most people say to me after watching one of my videos is, “You must have an expensive camera”, and I always laugh to myself at how they think the camera does most of the work.

      There’s absolutely no problem with using a compact camera until you’ve gotten better with it. I stuck with my previous camera for four years (an eternity when it comes to electronics nowadays) before I felt like I could really benefit from an upgrade.

  3. Remarkable video. Feels like I’m right in the middle of it. Crystal is Uncle Dave’s daughter ? How come I don’t see Darren ? The Korean decorations and gowns are beautiful.

    • Yep, you got it right. Darren is in the video (four times) as a groomsman, almost always dancing. You may not recognize him because he’s been working out a lot, so he’s a lot bigger now.

  4. Great video. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Beautiful video Jeff, very well done!

  6. (Late comment, but eh.) You should be very happy with the way this came out, this is super amazing/impressive/any great adjectives I can think of ever! Great job!

    • Thanks…I’m very pleased with it indeed.

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