The saddest fact in life is that our cats will die before us

When I was young and a cat food com­mer­cial came on where the kit­ties would nuz­zle their owner after receiv­ing a por­tion of Brand X, I’d think to myself, “Those are prob­a­bly spe­cial cats, the way they use perky mod­els to por­tray every­day moms in clean­ing com­mer­cials. I won’t ever have a cat like that.”

But I was wrong.

She fol­lows me around the house, she sleeps under the blan­kets in the crook of my arm, and I can’t imag­ine my life with­out her.


  1. This post made me subscribe…

    I read through some other ran­dom parts of your blog and I like the way you write, take pic­tures and shoot your movies. I’ll hop aboard on the RSS feed of your blog.

    Happy purring.

  2. I can’t bear to think about what my life would be like with­out Bailey. Even with­out Stitch in the house, it feels quiet and empty.

    • I’ve never been in my house with­out Dolly before. I can’t even imag­ine it. One rea­son why I don’t think I’d be able to han­dle a dog is that their lifes­pan is usu­ally twice as short as cats. Combined with their loy­alty, it’d be too much heartbreak.

  3. A lot of attach­ment grows. I couldn’t believe how much so with our one cat. (The other not so much.) Vowed never to have pets again after that. It’s prob­a­bly why peo­ple have par­rots. Highly intel­li­gent and the humans are outlived.

    • Wow, I can’t imag­ine a life com­pletely with­out cats. They’re def­i­nitely worth the heart­break to me. But then again, I’d prob­a­bly get two when one dies, just to get over it.

      It’s funny, a lot of peo­ple men­tion the par­rot exam­ple when I tell them how sad I’ll be when Dolly’s gone.

  4. The title of this post is so spot on. I’ve been think­ing that a lot lately. When I look at my lit­tle pack and think that in 10 years time I’ll still be what­ever I am now and they’ll be gone. I hate think­ing about it, it’s pretty depress­ing. But yeah, spot on.

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