Ryan's First Birthday

A video I shot as a Christmas present for Aaron and Karen. This was the first day I tried my “poor man’s steadycam”, and aside from a few shaky shots from fiddling around while trying to capture everything, the panning works very well.

I was thinking about saving the video for when Ryan gets married, but figured I may be dead before that happens, so I decided to give it to them now. There are so many notes in the production of the video that I feel like I need a 10-minute directors commentary to cover all the details. Alas, I’ll leave the insight up to the viewer.

How can so many people love one little boy? It seems almost impossible.


  1. Hahaha @3:10. That’s adorable! Beautiful video Jeff, they must have loved it. I hope you’ll do something like this for us when we have a baby :)

    • Sure thing. I only ask for naming rights. :D

  2. This is by far, my most favorite of all that you have done! There are so many great moments captured in this video but my 2 favorites are 1) when he is sitting the grass testing it out and 2) when his father kisses him at the very end. The second moment is a priceless one.

    • Thanks! I agree about the father giving him a kiss; that’s why I kept the shot for the end.

  3. Hi there, happened to stumble upon that video and your blog. May I know what the music used was?

    • It’s [Vaka] by Sigur Rós, off the () album.

  4. The video is just lovely … very special. Aaron and Karen must have been honoured to receive such a thoughtful and genuine gift!

    So many special moments you captured that day!

    • Thank you, I hope they feel as good about having that video as I do about making it.

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