There Is No Such Thing As Love

Let me give it to you straight, straight like an arrow.

I’ve had these words stuck in my head for some time now. Lyrics from the titular Dears track I first heard in university, back when I would go home in the summer and watch The Wedge on Friday nights.

I know that’s awfully cynical to say, but I need proof that it is possible today.

I just wish I could accept that fact. I’m starting to wonder if that’s why I keep hearing the words in my head. It’s my subconscious reminding me, keeping me grounded.

Maybe that’s why we watch these movies. Hollywood would have us believe that love exists.

It’s the same story, where guy sees girl, falls in love, and happily ever after. In between, there’s always the overused plot element of the guy winning over the girl by revealing himself and his feelings. After all, this alone is enough to win any girl over, regardless of whether she found him attractive or not, she was married or single, or he was the nerd and she was the cheerleader.

But love doesn’t exist in real life, as much as I want to believe that it does.

Not for me, anyway.


  1. Most women nowadays are real golddiggers, and always will be.

  2. I’ve never known what some claim to be love. Not one of my few girlfriends over the years have I felt I was loved. Used, yes, for what purpose I haven’t a clue. Once sees attractive woman and it is always what can you “give” me? Women are always seeking someone, be it male, female or ?… to offer up gobs of money, prestige or fame in return for their “love”. Someone like me who really has none of those things to offer a female never experiences “love”. I guess it is ingrained in our DNA stemming back to our earliest evolution where there was a need of reproductive females to seek protection from predators by strong males. Today, this is totally unnecessary. However, females still seek out modern expressions because it is in their DNA.
    I was watching a report on PBS I think about this group of young men who have never had sex with a female. And they are angry. The PBS reporter interviewed this guy in his 20’s who still lives with his parents. He spends all day and night on line with his chat group with other angry young guys in similar situation. He has no job and isn’t in school working on a degree. Suicide is on the up swing within this cohort. They also said that 80% of all males never find that “one” love connection.

    Could it be that “love” just doesn’t exist? I think so…

  3. when it was cheating it was’nt real love.
    When it’s beeing with someone for money it’s not real love.
    If it’s because of fear beeing alone it’s not love.
    When it’s only to make children to pass money, tittle and surename it’s also not love.
    Love is there but it’s rare and you need to be lucky or false… because both sided real love is very rare… false and bad love are very popular especially for those who want money and too much attention.

  4. This topic is subjective, depending on the culture and experiences of each person. However I do believe in different types of live.

  5. I was brought up in a world where I was taught that it wasn’t okay to be myself.

    From a very young age, my own earthly parents had me believe that I had to ‘fake’ having hobbies and interests for the sake of making friends and that such friendships were important.
    In hindsight, the message from the beginning was painfully clear, “the world will not like you for who you are”.
    Those same parents who throw the world “love ya” around as if it were free candy only call for social occasions such as birthdays because that’s what other people who love their kids do. They tell me how worried they are about me but never noticed me drop off facebook. There are never any phone calls to say, “hey…I was worried about you. How have you been?”

    This stark realization has left me feeling cold. In hindsight I’m also not surprised that as an adult, I have attracted adult males who have always tried to get me to morph into their notion of the perfect woman.
    One said he would even pay for me to get my breasts fixed so they sit ‘where they’re supposed to’.
    Of course they’re as nice as plasticized pie to begin with, then by the time I started to see through the façade, it was already too late.

    I am convinced that some people literally do not know what love is. They are drawn to us to learn and sadly, we are drawn to them to learn to love ourselves.

    Some days I want to just sit and sob uncontrollably. Some days I feel completely helpless. But then I always get back up and dust myself off for the sake of my kids.
    They deserve to know that they are loveable, exactly as they are. They deserve to attract good quality relationships into their lives as adults. They deserve to know what happiness truly is.

  6. Yeah, I know if I were to die right now no one and I mean no one would try to check up on me. It would be my landlord to whom would finally come by to see why I haven’t paid the rent. Can you imagine the stench that would develop if I died just after I had paid the rent?

    Love, what a quaint idea. No love in my life for sure.

  7. I have been following this topic for the last 3 or 4 years, and All though I’m not quite sure I have experienced true love- There is something in me that won’t let me give up on it, maybe it’s an illusion or maybe its still to come, but so far I must agree that perhaps love don’t Exist.

  8. I used to think I was a good looking man with an average build, with good manners and a good head on my shoulders. I finished high school and college and yet I only been in two relationships in my life by the age of 29 and now I’m 36. It seems no other woman wants to give me a chance no matter how hard I try. They say I’m funny, charming, intelligent and handsome yet they won’t date me or give me a chance. I barely make enough money for myself and I think woman only look for someone that has a lot of money with really good looks and have abs to show off. I was very confident through the years of my young life and after being alone for 7 years I feel like I’m just a worthless man with no future that will never have kids but to grow up old and alone waiting for my inevitable death, lonely death.

  9. it’s right theirs no such thing as love anymore, it’s dead mabey it use to be real or not but in this day and age it’s just somthing we all want but that’s l it is somthing we can want and when you think you found it or fake so look out becuze it will crush you without a thought
    if your out their looking for love I’m telling you right now it’s not worth it so go home while you can be one of the lucky ones who never gets crushed and hold on to that hope Cruz at least then mabey you will at least believe in it.

  10. I think love in a monogamous relationship just doesn’t exist. Monogamy itself is a social construct, unnatural.

    Love between a parent and child, I think anyway, is based on a biological need for our species to survive, so, of course, a parent needs to ‘love’ and care for a child, it would be highly detrimental not to and survival rates would plummet. It’s ‘ In their blood’ to do so.

    Love between partners, boyfriend/girlfriend, I do not think exists. The need to be accepted/ ‘loved’ is again biological because we are social beings. But that is not exclusive to relationships. friends, peers, strangers and family all play a part in that.

    The need for sex/reproduce is the only strong, natural, driving factor to stay in partner relationships. Everything else is forced and socially constructed. Love just doesn’t exist.

    I think anyway

  11. Don’t I know it.

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