Krista and Shane at Irene's

Flyer for the show at Irene's Pub

I asked Julie to come to the show with me. I did it with trepidation, because I considered it a big favour, and felt like I didn’t know her well enough to ask. But Blake was out of town and she was going out on Saturday, so it just happened that she decided to keep her Friday free.

It pretty much saved me. When driving to the pub, I was hit with an anxiety attack, which I’ll elaborate on in another entry someday.

Julie was the perfect person to bring, I imagine because she has experience with people who suffer from anxiety. I told her I may suddenly want to leave at any point, possibly even on the way there. She told me she didn’t mind coming, she didn’t mind leaving, she didn’t even mind standing outside the pub with me for a couple minutes in -16°C weather while I mentally prepared myself. I owe her big time.

Me and Julie

We played cards to get my mind off the anxiety. I taught her how to play Slapjack, she taught me how to play Egyptian War. It worked.

While waiting for the show to start, I gave Krista the large prints from the previous shows. Krista gave us some random Larry and Bob balloon stickers she found on the bus (Julie and I think they were from a deaf person). Julie also met Cory there, her schoolmate from horticulture college, and Krista’s sister.

At the first show, I told Shane he should make an acoustic version of his album. Since I paid him in person for a pre-release EP that night, he told me he did have an acoustic version and promised to give it to me. I asked him earlier this week if he could bring it, which he did, but he forgot it in his suitcase. Quite a pity, since he told me he was in the studio making sure he mixed it right for me. He felt terrible about it, and told me he’d mail it to me instead. March 14th is when the album officially comes out.

The sets were rather short. Shanker and Romps opened for them, a garage rockabilly duo. Our view of this performance was a bunch of people who were much taller than ourselves.

The highlight of the show was seeing Shane perform It’s A Drag (and getting a video of it!), my favourite song on the album. Krista did the backup vocals. This is the only time you’ll hear such a dulcet harmony from another awesome artist, certainly something you can only experience from a tour. Krista also got Cory up on stage for the Bumblebee Song as an encore.

Julie asked me if I still had a crush on Krista. I had to think about it for a little bit, and the fact that I had to think about it made me realize that I don’t anymore.

Other shows with Krista Muir and Shane Watt

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  3. At Irene’s Pub


  1. In Chinese face reading, a high and wide forehead represents intelligence. Julie has that. Minimal make-up (if any) and untweezed brows suggest self-confidence. There’s just an air of magninimity on her face. No?

  2. That’s amazing…you should take up a career in face reading. Do me!

    I’m not sure about the magnanimity because I don’t know her well enough yet. The air is there, but I’m not sure if it’s reflective of her personality.

  3. First, I don’t do males. Second, Your face looks too young for face reading :)
    Frankly, I don’t believe in face reading.

  4. Julie is hot.

    I don’t understand why your crush for Krista faded though.

  5. @Uncle Joe — I guess it’s somewhat like astrology. One can read into it as much as one wants. And it’s funny you say that my face is too young, because Julie is five years younger than me, which is a significant difference at this age.

    @Causalien — Yeah, Julie can pull off hot, cute, and anything in between.

    Krista did a couple things I wasn’t too impressed with. Without even realizing it myself, it killed the attraction. There was a little while when her songs didn’t sound as good anymore, and I didn’t know why. Now I do. I got over that in time though, and it never took away from her as a musician or entertainer.

  6. So you had a crush on Michael Jackson? :D

    The transgressions that Krista committed were somewhat personal though, which is perhaps why it affected me so much.

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