New Glasses: Wide-Arm Wireframes

Thumbnail: Colour is gunshot metal
Thumbnail: Front view
Thumbnail: Side detail, D&G logo
Thumbnail: Side view
Thumbnail: White designer case
Thumbnail: The branding on the case
Thumbnail: Texture of pad printed fabric

I finally got some new glasses. It’s been years since I had my prescription updated and things in the distance were starting to get blurry, making my eyes tired very early in the day. This time I got a wire-frame pair, instead of the thick emo frames I got last year, though they’re still D&G.

The wide arms are in now, but I really don’t like that style (or maybe it just doesn’t fit my face). I also tend to not buy anything that’s currently fashionable, as I prefer classic designs. The wide wire-frame arms on this pair push the whole idea of trendy, but are otherwise acceptable.

I’m still getting used to the weight. They’re very light, but still not as light as my last commonly worn pair, which were like not wearing glasses at all. The good thing, I’ve come to discover, is that they’re not flexible, and while this makes them more fragile, they’re much easier to clean as they don’t bend when trying to hold steady.

Some people ask me why I don’t get contacts, and it’s because glasses are a part of my personality. In a way, they define me, staying in touch with my dorky past. At the wedding Tom asked me to take them off for the pictures since they turn photo grey from UV light, but I refused. I think I would have looked stranger without my glasses, then with my eyes obscured by tint.

Choosing these frames took a couple of visits. I had a hard time trusting Bronwen’s opinion because sometimes she thinks I look good in things that make me either laugh or hurl. I went to Lenscrafters with Aaron and he tried on one pair that immediately made me think that’s the one, but I didn’t have that instantly recognition with mine. Louise did though when I showed her, and that’s when I decided on them. Apparently they make me look more mature, or some shit.


  1. Oo, Very nice. I kind of wish they didn’t scream D&G though. But the shape works perfectly for you.

  2. Awesome! Those are some nice glasses. I don’t really like wire frames, but I like those. They are flattering. I gots me some new glasses recently too, DKNY. Glasses are so fun, good for you on not getting contacts. Seriously, I completely understand. Glasses are my identity, you take them off and I feel so exposed, and boring!

  3. @xibee — I don’t think the glasses themselves scream D&G too much, not the way Gucci does with rhinestone letterings at least. Someone just told me today that the shape fits me as well actually. I’m starting to believe it.

    @quelyn — Thank you. I like your glasses too…the blue is very sharp. I wish I could pull off something that bold.

  4. man as if u went and got spec’s without me i told u i had thows sweet elton john frames u was saveing for you now who will were the baby blues with the red gem stones :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  5. Hah, I got these before the wedding Rob. You never notice me anymore. :(

  6. it’s such a bitch to find frames you like… and once you get them, you’re stuck with them for a long time. I hate to go through the dreaded misery of finding new frames.

  7. I think it’s exciting, but also very true that you’re stuck with them for a while (I personally believe it’s the cost of glasses that determine this, otherwise, I’d buy a lot more).

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