Autumn Recall

Fall approaches. The trees have yet to shift their colours along the spectrum, but the temperature has begun to drop. Even when the air is calm it’s a playful shiver down the spine.

One of my favourite things to do around this time of year, before I quit, would be some wake and bake to start the day. After smoking a joint, I’d open the windows, turn up the music, and let the breeze drift inside. Sometimes I would go for a walk with my iPod before the sun fully showed itself. When the beat was right, the hardest thing to do was not to move my body to the music, to groove embarrasingly, and grind and sing and twirl.

With enough weed in the lungs, anyone will dance.

I won’t say that I don’t miss that lifestyle, because it was a way I could view things from a different perspective. My thoughts would run freely on those early autumn walks. Music would sound better. Girls, covering up in sweaters and long sleeves, would look nicer. It was a prescription I would need every week.

The experience isn’t the same until it’s this time of the year. Smothering summer heat dulls the senses. Winter overstimulates them into sobriety, and even after a full bowl, all one can feel is cold. It’s only in the fall, in the perfect weather, that brings one to ones’ senses. The green air, full of that cold concrete smell, gives a rush to the head.

Until I walked outside this morning, with !!! pounding in my ears, I never thought I could feel this way again.

The approach of fall has brought this back to me.


  1. I miss Canada :( I’m afraid autumn isn’t quite the same here. This post is beautifully written, it took me back…

  2. wow, i had no idea that used to be your lifestyle…. i have no idea whether to have more or less respect for you… just kidding.
    but you are right, spring and fall – while fleeting seasons in the national region – are the only times you feel your senses to the fullest. weed magnifies it by a thousand, too, *especially* touch.

    ps. i’m back.

  3. Canada must have one of the most beautiful autumns in the world. Even wikipedia says so.

  4. I can see clearly now the rain is gone…never been to Canada, but I miss Long Island autumn, wake and bake to the sound of geese and the leafs making that soft crumbling noise when you walk…gorgeous post

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