Keeping Myself Occupied Has Been Easy

Some things fall in my lap, others I actively seek out. It’s keeping track of everything that’s getting difficult.

Too busy to think. Too busy to write.

I have to remind myself that that’s what I wanted.

And here I am, turning over in my head the idea of moonlighting at a homely used book store that’s a five minute walk from my house. Stuck to the glass door is a notice for part-time help during the weekend, that I pass by every time I go grocery shopping. I walked in there once and bought a Penguin Classics copy of The Odyssey for $1.45, because I lost my old copy from high school long ago. I’ve always wanted to work at a coffee shop, but gave up on that idea after applying to one a few years ago and finding out that my résumé ended up in the garbage, was picked out because of a good word put in by a friend, and promptly placed back in the garbage again. In hindsight, I’m glad I wasn’t hired because I would have quit before the training was over. It was only something to hold me over until I could find something with a better career that’s more in line with my education, which is exactly what I found two weeks later. A bookstore seems like a good alternative.

Aaron and Shirley are both encouraging me to go for it. The former thinks that it’ll be a good change from the regular 9–5 that I do, and a job that I can use to relax. The latter is telling me it’ll be fun, and that she’ll pursue her own dream job as a waitress (moonlighting as well) if I apply to this one.

I’m still considering.


  1. Go with your gut. It might be fun, and interesting. I’m sure the interaction with the public could be a cool thing on a part time basis, that is. :)
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  2. I think you’re right. I never thought I’d want any job that would require interaction with the public, but on a part-time basis it would actually be fun.

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