crotch grab

I’ve been hav­ing a lot of fun mak­ing these lit­tle ani­mated gifs, each one a moment from a wed­ding I shot last sea­son. Not all my footage makes it into the final cut of a film; occa­sion­ally, some­thing has to be sac­ri­ficed for rea­sons of pac­ing or tim­ing or…appropriateness, and it seemed like such a pity that these clips would end up on the cut­ting room floor.

The tricky part is not mak­ing a gif too long, oth­er­wise it becomes a scene, and loses the rep­e­ti­tion that makes us believe the moment goes on forever.

A tes­ta­ment to the ultra-glamourous Diorshow mas­cara, now in a water­proof ver­sion that holds its own when lis­ten­ing to brides’ speeches.

Haha Mel
HAHA MEL this will still be funny after the 15 bil­lionth time.

An impres­sive ren­di­tion of Fred Astair’s iconic per­for­mance in You’ll Never Get Rich.

Nice bum, where ya from
Mary calls this game, “Nice Bum, Where Ya Froooooom”.

Stone cold sober, ladies and gentlemen.